1. Foreword

Quality is 2CRSi's top priority. Every day, we do our utmost to process your orders correctly and deliver them on time. After your order has been shipped, you may have questions about the shipment, the invoice, or the items themselves.

Our teams are committed to answering your questions or requests.

However, if you find defective products, incomplete products, manufacturing defects or faults, products delivered by mistake, or if you have any other complaint, please contact the 2CRSi Support Center:

  • Open a ticket by e-mail to support@2crsi.com. An e-mail acknowledging receipt will be sent to you with a link to view your ticket or provide further information.
  • To follow up your ticket or for any other information, please contact our Support Center by e-mail at sav@2crsi.com or by telephone on +33 3 68 41 10 67.

Independently of the legal warranties to which 2CRSi is bound, 2CRSi offers an additional warranty for products manufactured in our workshops.

Unless otherwise agreed, the present document constitutes the sole basis of the provisions governing the conditions of application of the commercial warranty offered by 2CRSi in connection with the sale of its products.

This document also sets out the terms and conditions for repairing products outside the warranty period.

2. Contents of the Commercial Warranty

     2.1. Warranty for Defective Products (The "Standard" Warranty)

        2.1.1. Conditions of Application

The present warranty applies to any product found to be defective after the first 15 days from delivery and during the warranty period, except for the exclusions mentioned in chapter II) of the present document.

This warranty is valid for 3 years for products manufactured by 2CRSi, parts, accessories, and workforce.

New components sold individually that are not an integral part of a manufactured product are guaranteed by 2CRSi for the warranty period defined by the manufacturer.

Used components sold individually that are not an integral part of a product manufactured by 2CRSi are guaranteed for 1 year unless otherwise stated.

This commercial warranty takes effect on the date of delivery of the product.

During the warranty period, defective products will be exchanged or repaired free of charge.

The return of equipment under warranty is considered effective once a ticket has been opened at the Support Center and our After-Sales Support team has determined that the equipment is malfunctioning under normal use.

        2.1.2. Return Procedure

       Return Request

Prior to any return, the customer must contact the 2CRSi Support Center at support@2crsi.com and provide the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Product or spare part number, if applicable
  • Product number
  • Serial number
  • Reason for return request
  • Results of diagnostic tests performed
       Accepted Return

2CRSi will not accept returns other than in accordance with its current RMA ("Return Merchandise Authorization") policy as specified in this section.

Once the warranty return has been validated by our After-Sales Support team, 2CRSi provides the customer with a written return authorization and an RMA number.

Defective products must be returned to 2CRSi within 5 working days of receiving written authorization and the RMA number. After this period, the ticket will be closed and the customer will have to submit a new RMA request.

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer bears all costs, risks, and formalities of return shipment. 2CRSi advises the customer to take out insurance covering the risks inherent in transport.

A copy of the invoice and a detailed note explaining the reason for the return must be included in the return packaging.

The customer must clearly indicate the RMA number on the return packaging.

Wherever possible, defective products should be returned in the same packaging used for delivery. In all cases, it must be suitable for the products being returned, to prevent further damage in transit. Packaging must comply with the SEI 4C standard.

The customer is responsible for the safe packaging of the product and transportation to the 2CRSi Support Center.

In the event of damage caused by inappropriate or inadequate packaging, the product warranty will not apply and the customer will be responsible for repair costs.

In the event that the product is damaged or lost during transport, the customer will not be able to claim against 2CRSi, its subsidiaries or partners.

2CRSi does not accept the return of products from any party other than its customer.

Any return of products whose defect is attributable to the customer will give rise to the invoicing of administrative management costs of  €95 (duty free) to which are added the transport costs for the return as well as the possible repair validated by the customer.

When returning repaired or replaced products or spare parts to the customer, 2CRSi is responsible for shipping costs.

2CRSi strives to keep product downtime to a minimum. These times may be affected by the conditions set by manufacturers or importers. Any repair times indicated by 2CRSi are not contractual and are purely indicative.

   Not Accepted Return

No returns will be accepted for products with a total value of less than €50 (duty free).

Material sent without opening a ticket will be kept until the situation is regularized (ticket opened). If the customer does not regularize the situation and fails to recover the product within 30 days, 2CRSi will dispose of the product freely and the customer will lose all rights to it.

    2.2 Warranty for Products Defective on First Use or Commissioning ("DOA")

         2.2.1. Definition DOA (Dead On Arrival)

DOA stands for "Dead on Arrival". This procedure applies when a product is found to be defective on initial use, or when initial commissioning proves impossible. The DOA must be declared by the customer within 15 days of delivery

The replacement product must be commissioned within 5 days of receipt by the customer. If the product is not started up within 5 days, the DOA warranty no longer applies. Once the DOA procedure has been completed, the exchanged product will have the same warranty as the original product.

ATTENTION, broken or missing accessories or incorrect parts are not DOA.

The customer has 48 hours to make a claim if the product has been damaged in transit, or if the shipment is incomplete or does not correspond to the order. In the event of receipt of a damaged or deteriorated product, photos of the packaging or the product, the BL mentioning the reservations made with the carrier or any other proof may be requested in order to facilitate the examination of the case.

        2.2.2. Eligible Product

Any product that has not functioned normally when first used, except for warranty exclusions.

            2.2.3. Procedure to Be Followed

To open a DOA file, the customer must send a request accompanied by a copy of the delivery note or purchase invoice to the Support Center at sav@2crsi.com.

Within one working day, a DOA request form is sent to the customer to provide us with the following information:

  • Product designation
  • Make, model and serial number
  • Breakdown details
  • Delivery note or invoice number

Within one working day of sending the DOA request form, the customer will receive an email informing him that the DOA has been validated. 

If so, the message is accompanied by a unique DOA number.

In the absence of the above elements, the standard procedure (RMA) will be applied.

        2.2.4. To Benefit from This DOA Procedure, A Few Rules Must Be Observed

  • There must be no physical damage to the products or accessories (scratches, cuts, cracks, breaks, presence, or traces of marker or liquid, etc.).
  • The customer must return the product with all its accessories, power adapter with cords, user manual, disc, etc., in its original packaging in new condition.
  • The serial numbers of defective products must match those indicated on the delivery note and packaging.

            2.2.5. Shipping

When sending a DOA, pack the item correctly with its original carton in an outer carton (the carton surrounding the original packaging), clearly marked with the DOA number. Don't forget to enclose a copy of the DOA form.

Send the package to the following address:

SAV department
32 rue Jacobi-Netter
67200 Strasbourg

2CRSi undertakes to exchange or repair the product free of charge. 2CRSi is responsible for shipping costs.

            2.2.6. Repair / Replacement Time

2CRSi strives to keep product downtime to a minimum. These times may be affected by the conditions set by manufacturers or importers. Any repair times indicated by 2CRSi are not contractual and are purely indicative.

    2.3.  Warranty For Missing Parts And Accessories

When receiving or collecting your order, the customer must check that the product is complete (including accessories).

If you notice that certain accessories are missing from the product you ordered, please contact 2CRSi Service within 3 calendar days of receipt of your order so that we can process your claim.

If we are unable to provide these items, 2CRSi undertakes to offer an equivalent product. If necessary, the product will be exchanged free of charge, with shipping costs borne by 2CRSi.

3. Warranty Exclusions

The commerical warranty only applies to products correctly assembled, adjusted, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions given in the user manual.

The commercial warranty becomes null and void in the event of use other than that recommended in the manual.

Modifications to the product without the written consent of 2CRSi will invalidate the warranty.

Disassembly, even partial, of the unit by anyone not authorized by 2CRSi will invalidate the warranty. The warranty covers all parts found to be defective in manufacture or assembly. Products considered to be consumables are excluded from the warranty. (e.g. batteries, etc.).

This warranty (products, parts and labor) does not cover:

  • Products with ABSENT, ILLEGIBLE or DELETED serial numbers or labels.
  • Normal wear and tear or any damage resulting therefrom.
  • Breakage due to dropping or impact.
  • Damage caused by abnormal use.
  • Repairs or modifications carried out by unqualified persons.
  • Damage resulting from the use of incompatible parts or accessories not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Warehousing, storage or commissioning in unsuitable locations or under the influence of excessive heat, cold or humidity.
  • Damage to parts or accessories caused by external factors (fire, flood, lightning, storm, earthquake, hail, etc.).
  • The standard warranty does not cover travel expenses, immobilization allowances or commissioning operations.
  • Shipping costs, transport damage or handling damage are not covered by the warranty.
  • Non-releasable stickers, indelible markers, company nameplates, etc.
  • Batteries.
  • Failures resulting from incorrect connection or polarity reversal when inserting batteries or adapter by the user.
  • Damage resulting from incorrect installation, disassembly or assembly by the customer.
  • Use of non-compliant software.
  • Loss or damage to software, data, removable storage media or backups.

Furthermore, 2CRSi shall not be liable to pay any compensation for immaterial damages such as loss of production, operating loss, loss of opportunity, loss of data, financial or commercial loss, or any other direct or indirect consequence of damage suffered as a result of the use or failure of the products delivered. 

Products sold by 2CRSi are guaranteed within the limits of the warranty conditions determined by the manufacturer, which are only binding on the manufacturer. They will be communicated to any customer who requests them in writing. To benefit from this warranty, the customer must immediately notify the assistance service, by any written means, of the alleged defects. 

In the event of the disappearance of a manufacturer or publisher (due to cessation of activity, dissolution, insolvency proceedings), 2CRSi will not assume any warranty liability for the products of this manufacturer or publisher that it has marketed to its customers. 

In any case, 2CRSi reminds you that the fact of invoking the warranty shall in no case be a reason for non-payment of the corresponding invoice, which shall be paid on the due date indicated.

4. Out-Of-Warranty Repairs

For products without warranty, our technical department can take care of it in the workshop. Simply contact our Support Center. 

A ticket should be opened with the Support Department at support@2crsi.com.

5. Jurisdiction And Applicable Law

All disputes arising between the parties, even in the event of summary proceedings, warranty claims or multiple defendants, are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Strasbourg courts, under French law.

The present conditions are written in French. In the event of translation into one or more languages, only the French text will be deemed authentic in the event of dispute.

6. Miscellaneous

2CRSi reserves the right to mention the commercial relationship maintained with the Customer of the Contract, the Customer's name, a brief description of the deliverables, products and/or services associated therewith, for reference purposes, unless the Customer expressly refuses.

2CRSi reserves the right to modify these general warranty conditions at any time, without prior notice. Where applicable, the Customer will be notified of the modification of his general terms and conditions of sale and their effective date. Failing this, the general terms and conditions of sale at the date of the incident will apply.