Green  Data,  a company working closely with 2CRSi and belonging to the same group, is proposing data center solutions and professional services.


Green Data team is composed of data center experts in each domain: energy, cooling, and telecom. Before signing any type of contract with a client, a meeting will be held to better understand the needs and problematics of the client.

To be sure to provide only the best at the better price, an in-depth feasibility study, with theorical and practical parts, will be written and submitted to the client. The point is to certify that using the services of Green Data is beneficial in any specifics.


Green Data provides a complete after sales solution. The maintenance is the main part.

 Teams of professionals are either on-site or ready to leave in case of emergency to deal with any type of problems to resolve it as soon as possible.

Green Data team are also available to answer questions in details at any time.